To know the Bynums means you have stood toe-to-toe with adventure. Born and raised in the southern Piedmont of North Carolina, Matt and Chasey fell in love in high school, married young, and quickly grew to a family of 5. Chasey’s entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to rarely say “no” to trying something new led her to a successful venture as a salon owner in Greensboro. Time spent in this season quickly revealed Chasey’s ability to see the importance of high-quality customer service. In the 1980s, Matt’s grandparents built a house here on Oak Island, naming it “Quicksand”. When the Bynums bought their very own home on the island in 2020, it was an easy decision to name their home “Quicksand”, too. Little did they know that the island was calling them to their next adventure. Realizing the need for a top-notch concierge service on the island, the Bynums rallied around an idea that quickly became a reality. Henceforth, Quicksand Beach Concierge was born. Homeschooling their children gives them the flexibility to serve you — in true Southern fashion —and they are proud that it has become a fun family affair.